Travis Simlinger

Owner Progressive Coaching Zurich, Head Coach, Psychological Strategist / English Mother Tongue

Without understanding and optimizing our own psychology, the best we can ever hope for is to become the best version of a lower-quality version of ourselves!

And the difference between a lower-quality version of you, and the highest-quality version of you, is different worlds...

Think about a time you did something you regret.
Think about a time you did something where you impressed even yourself and were extremely proud of yourself...
Same «you», accessing a different part of you.

How would life look if you could learn to access this part of you consistently?

How would your company look if your employees could also do this?

This is at the heart of what I do.

Through a healthy obsession I have had since my late teens with psychology and understanding human behavior, I now coach people daily to overcome their challenges, and unlock their full potential.

It doesn’t take years or decades of therapy.
In most cases, it takes understanding some fundamentals of the human psyche, which I will show you, and then taking action.
My role is to provide you with the knowledge, the tools, the action plan, and the motivation.
It’s up to you to step through the door and follow through.

Whether we meet for 1:1 coaching, or you bring me into your organization for leadership development workshops, mediation and conflict resolutions services, or mental health and wellbeing training for employees and management, my goal is always the same:
To exceed your expectations, by providing an experience that is memorable, enjoyable, transformational, actionable and sustainable.

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